GreenView for strawberries

How to use GreenView tools for accurate and scalable plant, flower & fruit counting

GreenView counts berries at superhuman speed and categorises fruit into different phenological stages. Now with our new Forecasting and Scenario Tool you can take your projections a step further and incorporate growing degree day accumulation.

How to use GreenView data:

  • Start predicting yield from as early as flowering
  • Calculate flower to fruit conversion rate (fruit set)
  • Plan and manage labour allocation well in advance
  • Measure and map variability, so that it can be managed
  • Calculate plant inventory during dormancy
  • Add grower input for variables like minimum/maximum anticipated fruit weight + anticipated picking for more accurate forecasting

How GreenView dashboards work:

GreenView in vineyards
GreenView in vineyards
GreenView in vineyards
GreenView in vineyards
GreenView in vineyards
GreenView in vineyards

Understand the detail with our Forecasting and Scenario Tool

Bitwise tools turn count data into information for making decisions. Our Forecasting and Scenario Tool (FaST) incorporates growing degree day accumulation, to help you get more accurate forecasts. 

  • Transform flower and fruit count data into yield forecasting information, with the innovative inclusion of growing degree day/hour accumulation and forecasts
  • The ripening curve of your variety is critical to improving yield forecasting. The Bitwise Ag team will work with you to create your ripening curves to improve your forecasting as soon as possible
  • Incorporating this curve, along with your predicted/target fruit weight, and growing degree day/hour accumulation and forecast allows for more detailed yield prediction over a 12 week period
  • The FaST tool then takes your yield forecasting a step further by allowing the actual yield picked each day to be inputted, in turn adjusting the subsequent week predictions, and also calculating the estimated error from the original yield prediction.

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GreenView in vineyards

NEW GreenView Go app

GreenView Go app is a count and scouting tool that complements the full GreenView system. It offers instant counts using our advanced AI, as well as options to add grower input to better understand accuracy, ripening curve and forecasting. The app is a powerful tool for enhancing the GreenView system’s desktop and dashboard tools.

GreenView Go can help you:

  • Significantly reduce time required for manual counts in field 
  • Reduce human error
  • Add structure and consistency to ground truthing 
  • Analyse on the go – or back at the office 
  • And use the results to enhance other GreenView tools

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