GreenView for wine grapes

Trying to measure what’s happening in your vineyard is time consuming and costly – but there is solution

Our GreenView customers have access to timely, accurate information about what’s happening in their crop and it’s changing the way that they operate their vineyards.

How it works is our customers collect data when they’re already out performing jobs like mulching, mowing or spraying. GreenView interactive dashboards then take this current data and the grower adds their historical data/knowledge to provide accurate yield estimation for their crop.

GreenView interactive dashboards

Knowing what they have in the vineyard today allows our customers to manage the natural variability across their site to increase the quality or yield of their grapes, depending on their goals for the season. Whether it’s quality or yield – or both – growers are benefiting from increased revenues at season’s end. Find out more.

The accurate crop information provided by GreenView is helping growers improve profitability and reduce operating costs.

GreenView for wine grapes

Accurate yield predictions help customers to get ahead of their competitors when dealing with the inevitable logistic challenges that come with the variability of the crop. That might mean quickly identifying a grape shortfall and purchasing excess grapes before there’s a rush as others realise their likely yields. Or being able to engage early with their sales channels to maximise sales from an accurate estimate of production levels. For some it’s even just removing the headache of being able to tell their various stakeholders how much they are expected to produce that year.

Management time previously spent estimating (or guessing) grape yields can be focused elsewhere. We talk to customers who are saving significant labour costs by being able to quickly and confidently direct their staff to specific areas for specific tasks within the vineyard. GreenView has also helped with early detection of irrigation blockages, spray timing, timing of wire lifts, crop canopy planning, and providing accurate cane information for contractor management.

When we talk to vineyards we often hear that they thought they’d never have access to this type of data – and now they use GreenView as the cornerstone when making operational decisions and forward planning. Whether they’re trying to reduce costs or increase yield, GreenView is giving growers the information they always wanted. And it’s simple – no drones, sensors, or complicated software. Just buy a GoPro online, sign up to GreenView and you’re ready to get started.

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