GreenView in berry farm

How to count berries at superhuman speed & reduce wastage

Many of the common problems on berry farms can be managed with GreenView.

1. Save time and money when counting

Nothing is quite as satisfying as watching GreenView AI counting berries at superhuman speed!

The average human can count 4-8 blueberry plants a day. GreenView can easily count over 5,000 plants a day!

Our technology can see like humans – but more accurately, more consistently and at a superhuman speed. Whether it’s blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or blackberries – our AI will count more plants, be more consistent in approach and much faster

With the money you’ll save on labour costs alone – it’s a no-brainer for berry growers. Find out more

2. Get a handle on variability 

Variability affects all growers. The only real difference is whether you understand the variability in your crop or you don’t.

Variability and underperforming plants can impact on forecasting. This happens on a lot of berry farms – and it directly affects your bottom line.

If you don’t have hours to walk the rows and inspect your crop every day – then GreenView can help. Our interactive dashboards and maps analyse growth stages, assess crop health and identify high fruiting and low fruiting areas across your farm.

GreenView in berry farm

Here is an example of a ‘high fruiting area’ and ‘no fruiting area’ that GreenView identified right next to each other in a row.

GreenView dashboard

Berry farms can also be distributed – so it’s nearly impossible to know what’s going on in all areas of your crop. GreenView maps can help identify areas of variability without you leaving your office! 

Look at this blueberry map. On the left you can see the colourful areas which show the lower levels of total yield where the plants are only 1 year old.

On the right the plants are a couple of years older and producing more yield. You can see the uniform grey colour showing increased and consistent yield.

3. Reduce wastage

Up to 25% of all fruits and vegetables produced never leave the farm.

This can be due to loss from pests, diseases or the weather – as well as damage caused during harvesting and handling.

With GreenView, you can better plan the actions you need to take to get the best harvest possible.

  • Access to count data 1, 2, 4, 8 weeks into the future
  • Identify the areas that need picking first
  • Accurately size your picking crew across the entire growing and pruning seasons
  • Rapidly identify and respond to weather impacts
  • Monitor water stress levels during winter

By reducing wastage with GreenView you can limit the need to sell excess fruit at discounted prices.

With great data comes great power.

Ready to see how GreenView could help your berry farm? Schedule a demo today.