Grow More in 2024

Tomorrow’s technology for today’s harvest

The problem

There are 2 million grape and berry farmers globally who are constantly dealing with high stress, bankruptcy, and ultimately a lack of food security – because of one thing – we all use our gut and intuition to understand how much crop we’ve got to pick.

Most growers only get 50% yield accuracy.

You think you’re going to pick 5 tonnes of strawberries – and instead you pick 9.5 tonnes. We all know this over or under supply leads to volatile prices of berries at the supermarket – meaning instead of getting $15 a kilo for strawberries, you might only be getting $3 a kilo.

And that means less profit.

The solution

Our GreenView system uses AI to look at the actual fruit on the plant, to give consistently accurate yield predictions.

This gives confidence to the entire supply chain and ensures a stable price for farmers and consumers.

We help farmers forecast to 90% accuracy – or better.

With this powerful information, farm managers can have the right team, in the right area at the right time to pick the fruit to maximise the economic outcomes of the crop.

How it works

It takes less than 10 minutes a month / Ha to film. And you do it using a GoPro camera when you’re already out doing other jobs.

Our AI looks at the different stages of the fruit at superhuman speed, scale and accuracy.

Growers get back detailed forecasting and operational tools within 12 hr.

With this powerful information you can have the right team, in the right area at the right time to pick the fruit to maximise the economic outcomes of the crop.

Last year we forecasted over 29 billion pieces of fruit with our system.

GreenView for Berries

How accurate are your yield predictions?

GreenView does the counting for you, using our purpose-built AI modules to scan and detect berries on the plant and categorise them based on ripeness. Visualise your entire crop from a bird’s eye view to quickly assess when and where your farm labour will be needed and plan ahead to make sure every harvest brings you your best yield.

Know what you’re going to grow

GreenView captures imagery through a simple GoPro camera attached to your existing farm vehicle. The images are captured in a side-on ‘street view’ and plotted on a map so you can easily navigate through your ‘virtual farm’.

The captured imagery is organised into management blocks, so you can quickly make crop-wide comparisons and accurately convey instructions to your team without ever leaving your desk. 

GreenView is a decision-making tool to help you take the right action, in the right place, at the right time and make informed decisions about management practices such as irrigation, pruning, harvesting, and fungicide/pesticide applications. 

GreenView is designed to give you a holistic view of your farm and crops on an ongoing basis. The reports are easy to understand and structured to give you clear information to make better, more profitable decisions about your crop – even remotely.

With great data comes great power

Here’s just a couple of examples of our custom Insight Reports that we tailor for each client.

How our customers are using our insights

Berried In Tas

“One of the big problems we face as a berry farm is forecasting. Forecasting is at the heart of everything we do. It relates to all our planning around packaging, staffing, and also selling our fruit to the end customer. Bitwise Ag has allowed us to take a great leap forward in the accuracy and reliability of our forecasting. We’re able to collect more data, in less time, and really eliminate some of the human error that we found was inherent with our assumed inputs. One of the great features with Bitwise GreenView is the mapping tool – it often picks up a lot of issues around pests or disease, or if there’s any irrigation problems in certain blocks.”

– Richard Winspear, Managing Director, Berried In Tas