GreenView for Berries

GreenView helps berry farms accurately forecast and manage crop variability.

Why GreenView?

Berry farms are complex and sometimes distributed

It’s impossible to have eyes on the whole crop at all times. Growers need a simple solution to manage variability and accurately forecast – but a lot of agritech can be difficult to implement and costly to set up. 

GreenView provides you with actionable insights.

The GreenView agritech gives berry farms reliable, accurate and consistent data so that forecasting can be easily updated every week. It uses cutting edge AI technology to count and analyse at superhuman speed – and all you need is a GoPro Camera!

It's the smart farm you need for success

Regular reporting will help with crop management. GreenView enables efficient scouting, helps with measurement and counting of berries at different phenological stages, and supports the planning of farm labour.

How it works

Step 01

All you need is a GoPro camera to capture side-on video of your crop. 

Step 03

Start making data-driven decisions to improve yield and profitability.

Step 02

Upload to GreenView and view insights on our platform.

Step 04

Repeat anytime to gain actionable insights across all seasons. 

How we help berry farms

Short and long term forecasts

GreenView provides dashboards with short and long term forecast data so that you, or your marketers have the information to get you the best price. 

More eyes on your berries

​We’ve taught GreenView agtech to see like humans – but more accurately, more consistently and at a super human speed.

Identify phenological stages

Our system helps berry farmers to measure, count and quickly receive actionable insights across your whole growing season. 

Simple to use

All you do is upload the footage. No piles of data to decipher – GreenView crunches the numbers and gives you the answers as easy-to-understand dashboards and maps.

Actionable insights

We help you understand variability, so you can manage your farm labour to do the right jobs at the right time and in the right areas. ​

All you need is a GoPro camera

No drones, sensors, or complicated software. Just buy a GoPro online, sign up to GreenView and you’re ready to get started.

Hear from our customers:

Richard Winspear is the Managing Director of Berried In Tas, a state-of-the-art fruit farm in Tasmania, Australia. The business now sells 600 tonnes of strawberries and 220 tonnes of raspberries to customers around Tasmania and Australia under the brand name Perfection. Berried in Tas uses GreenView to increase the accuracy and reliability of their forecasting.

“One of the big problems we face as a berry farm is forecasting. Forecasting is at the heart of everything we do. It relates to all our planning around packaging, staffing, and also selling our fruit to the end customer. Bitwise Ag has allowed us to take a great leap forward in the accuracy and reliability of our forecasting. We’re able to collect more data, in less time, and really eliminate some of the human error that we found was inherent with our assumed inputs. One of the great features with Bitwise GreenView is the mapping tool – it often picks up a lot of issues around pests or disease, or if there’s any irrigation problems in certain blocks.”

Richard Winspear

Managing Director, Berried In Tas