GreenView for strawberries

GreenView calculator: forecast your berries by phenological stage

Our berry customers asked – and we listened – and now our new and improved forecasting calculator is here!

Strawberries calculator 1

Our new calculator has expanded functionality across all of our berry categories – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. We’ve taken a whole lot of customer feedback on board, tested, redesigned and developed a calculator for both long term forecasting and week-by-week forecasting.

We know it’s not as simple as “one day it’s a strawberry flower and the next it’s an immature green” – our new calculator helps combat the ambiguity of berries as they morph from one phenological stage to the next. 

Key changes include:

  • You can now look week to week – up to 8 weeks out
  • Enhanced information around phenological stages
  • Ability to break down each week by stages: flower; immature green; mature green; white; coloured; red
  • Extrapolate information from flowering to picking
  • Add your own historical knowledge and expertise to increase forecast accuracy

The best forecasting results are delivered when our product and your growing knowledge work together. The forecasting calculator has interactive fields to add your own information – weights; growing degree days; how long your particular variety of berry takes to go from flower to immature green etc. 

The dashboard then automatically calculates the projections based on the actual data from GreenView plus the interactive fields added by you. 

Not only does this increase the accuracy of the insights for your farm – it keeps a record of it. You can save reports like this one below:

Strawberries calculator 2

Even the smartest person in the world can’t remember exactly what was happening with their crop a year ago. GreenView keeps track of everything so you can review what happened in the past, assess what’s happening now – and help predict what’s coming next for your berries.

For existing customers 

If you’re already a customer you’ll see the new calculator is now available in GreenView.

For new customers 

If you could benefit from more information on your forecasting – get in touch. We’re always keen to chat to fellow growers about how technology can help you improve yield and understand variability in your crop. Find out more about what GreenView can offer here or book a free demo.