GreenView counting at inflorescence

Get access to inflorescence counts on your vineyard

We get asked all the time: when are inflorescence counts coming to GreenView?

Well we have good news – inflorescence is here.

As growers ourselves, we know how important inflorescence count is for accurate forecasting. Our Bitwise Ag developers have been working hard to incorporate data for inflorescence into our GreenView system – and our testing phase is now underway.

GreenView counting at inflorescence

Instead of counting buds during pruning you can now count at inflorescence – this image shows some of our customers already doing just that.

By counting at inflorescence you’ll be able to more accurately predict yield as well as assess your conversion rate into actual fruit.

For existing customers

If you’re already a GreenView customer you can now see inflorescence counts on your dashboards. This update is in beta testing stage so as more people use the system our inflorescence neural net will continue to build out – and inflorescence counts across the board will become more and more accurate.

For new customers

if you could benefit from inflorescence counts on your vines – get in touch. We’re always looking for more growers to use GreenView, collecting data to improve their vineyards, and expanding the effectiveness and accuracy of the tech. Find out more about what GreenView can offer here.

Questions? Comments? We’re always keen to chat to fellow growers about how technology can help you understand variability and improve yield on your vineyard. We truly believe that ‘with great data comes great power’ and we want more growers to benefit from data-driven insights. Email to to arrange a chat about your vineyard.