GreenView counting strawberries

How to get accurate count and forecasting data on your berry farm

Trying to count and forecast the number of berries in your crop is time consuming and costly – and even after a lot of effort it’s often inaccurate. But there is a solution.

GreenView counting blueberries

Our GreenView customers have access to timely, accurate count information every week.

This image shows GreenView counting and analysing blueberries at superhuman speed. The information is also broken down into different phenological stages.

It’s real time information of what’s happening in the crop and it’s changing the way that people farm.

GreenView counting blueberries

How it works is farmers collect the data when they’re already out performing jobs like mulching, mowing or accelerated scouting. GreenView interactive dashboards then take this accurate count data and the grower adds their historical data/knowledge to provide accurate yield estimation for the crop.

Knowing what’s coming 1, 2, 4, 8 weeks into the future allows farmers to manage labour planning, coordinate logistics and maximise revenue – by reducing wastage and limiting the need to sell excess fruit at discounted prices.

GreenView dashboard

GreenView has also helped farmers with early detection of irrigation blockages, flowering variability and comparing yields by plant variety type.

The accurate crop information provided by GreenView is helping growers improve profitability by thousands of dollars per hectare. GreenView can also be used to significantly reduce counting labour costs in the field because you know exactly when and where to send your staff. This also frees up management time to focus on other important areas.

When we talk to farmers we often hear that they thought they’d never have access to this type of data – and now they use GreenView as the cornerstone when making operational decisions.

Whether they’re trying to reduce costs or increase sales, GreenView is giving them the information they always wanted. And it’s simple – no drones, sensors, or complicated software. Just buy a GoPro online, sign up to GreenView and you’re ready to get started.

We would love to speak with you about how you could use accurate count and forecasting data on your berry farm. Schedule a demo here