GreenView in vineyards

Common vineyard problems: how to manage variability & quantify damage with GreenView

“If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it!”

Managing variability

Many common vineyard problems can be solved when you have the right information to manage your vines.

Our Head of Agronomy, Dr Fi Kerslake, has a PhD in Viticulture and her research found that seasonal variability had a greater effect on wine quality than viticultural practices within each season.

This means that having an accurate understanding of variability in the vines is essential for all growers.

GreenView measures and maps vineyard variability by helping growers:

  • Get accurate counts at superhuman speed to improve forecasting
  • Count at different phenological stages
  • Monitor your grapes across the whole growing season
  • Identify underperforming vines so you can target treatments

Quantifying damage 

Extreme weather events happen every year and are devastating for many vines. Frost season causes issues every year, and if your vines are affected by frost you need to be able to quantify the damages and reassess your forecast.

Our GreenView dashboards and maps help growers accurately assess the state of their crop, including a canopy height net to help identify frost damage. By looking at data before and after a frost event you can immediately identify areas of the canopy that aren’t growing, so you can assess it on the ground and target treatments. 

It’s hard for the human brain to remember the crop before a weather event so we often underestimate the damage that’s occurred. Only through understanding the damage are growers able to mitigate losses and plan for the future.

GreenView before and after results
These before and after results – taken 2 days apart – show that this block has sustained a nearly 50% loss.

Understand your vines over time 

GreenView customers collect data when they’re already out performing jobs like mulching, mowing or spraying.

Our interactive dashboards then take this current data and the grower adds their historical knowledge to provide accurate information on their crops.

This allows growers to:

  • See the average height of a block as well as how it’s growing over time
  • Find sick vines quickly: GreenView can identify outlier crops that aren’t growing like the others and display these on a map with coordinates and photos
  • Compare two or more different areas of your farm, to better understand variability and identify problem areas
GreenView dashboard

GreenView doesn’t replace the historical knowledge and expertise of the farmer – it adds to it.

Our dashboards have interactive fields for growers to add their knowledge i.e. bunches per shoot. The dashboards automatically calculate the projections based on the actual data from GreenView plus the interactive fields added by you.

Not only does this increase the accuracy of the insights for your farm – it keeps a record of it.

Even the smartest person in the world can’t remember exactly what was happening with their crop a year ago. GreenView keeps track of everything so you can review what happened in the past, assess what’s happening now – and help predict what’s coming next for your crop.

GreenView dashboards

With great data comes great power. 

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