Formant + Bitwise Agronomy

Bitwise Ag partners with Formant to bring actionable crop yield insights to more farmers

We’re excited to announce our partnership and integration with Formant.

Formant is a data platform for robotics. They allow robotics companies to operate, observe and analyse their autonomous fleets.

The Formant + Bitwise Ag integration uses Formant’s infrastructure and Bitwise Ag’s computer vision – so together we can offer robotics companies in the agriculture space more value for their devices deployed in the field.

How will the Formant + Bitwise Ag integration work?

The new integration will push Formant device data (video streams collected in the field) to GreenView for computer vision analysis, all in real time. This will give farmers new access to actual count imagery and crop analysis, so they have the information they need to make data-led decisions.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Well let’s say your farm is currently using agricultural robots for transportation or spraying – or you plan to use robots in the future. If your robot has ‘eyes’ it has cameras, and those cameras can be used for multiple purposes at once. 

While completing its core task, your robot could now also be capturing data on your crop. For example, a robots-as-a-service company providing weeding for vineyards could easily now offer GreenView as an additional solution. This would mean as well as weeding, the vineyard could be identifying vine counts and analysing the different growth stages of grapes – at the same time. 

GreenView wine grapes

With the Formant and Bitwise Ag integration, the data taken from autonomous robots can now be uploaded directly into our GreenView platform. GreenView will then take the data and crunch the numbers into interactive dashboards and maps, so growers have actionable, real-time insight around crop health and projected yield.

“Farmers need the ability to have eyes on their crops at all times. By doing this integration with Formant, farmers can see their whole crop at a glance. Not only can they see what their crop looks like now, but also what it was like in the past, which helps manage variability and drive decisions about the future. 

This is becoming critical for farmers due to the effects of climate change on crops and labour shortages due to Covid. By integrating our analytics with Formant, farmers can access information highlighting problem areas on their crop all from the comfort of their homes. This means they can make informed operational decisions that can increase the quality of their fruit, increase their yield and drive down labour costs.”

Fiona Turner, CEO & Founder, Bitwise Agronomy

GreenView for strawberries

As an added benefit to our partnership with Formant, Bitwise Ag will have new access to large-scale robotic fleets in the agriculture space, which will give us more real-world data to continually improve our machine learning algorithms.

We’ll also be able to expand the reach of GreenView and give actionable insights to more growers, so they can in turn improve the yield and profitability of their crops.

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