Burro robot with Bitwise Agronomy GreenView on board

Bitwise Ag + Burro – creating the farms of the future

We’ve partnered with Burro to bring growers the best in AI analysis and autonomous farming.

The Burro robot is an incredible step forward in modern farming. All you need to do is place it in a block and it navigates row to row autonomously, working alongside farm workers to make agriculture more productive.

Now to add even more value, you can use our GreenView system with a Burro to count and identify variability in the row at the same time.

Imagine a Burro robot working away, autonomously carrying blueberries back to the warehouse. Now it can use a camera and GreenView to also count how many berries are left to pick. It’s the future of farming!

Bitwise + Burro win big at World Ag Expo

Bitwise Ag and Burro teams

We’re also thrilled to announce that in partnership with Burro we have won the prestigious Top-10 New Products Competition at the 2023 World Ag Expo. This annual event, held in Tulare, California, showcases the latest and greatest innovations in the agricultural industry.

Our winning product, Burro with Bitwise On-Board, is a groundbreaking tool for growers. It allows you to measure and count fruit volume autonomously, providing actionable insights and information for predictive yield estimates throughout the growing season.

“We’ve partnered with Burro to bring growers the best in AI analysis and autonomous farming, and we’re thrilled to be selected as a Top 10 New Product by the World Ag Expo. At Bitwise Ag we’re farmers ourselves, so we understand the challenges that growers face every season. Measuring and managing what’s happening in your crop can be time consuming and costly, but innovations like this make a massive difference to efficiency and output. Now growers can place a Burro in a block to assist pickers, plus use GreenView to count and identify variability at the same time. The future of farming is here!” 

Fiona Turner, CEO of Bitwise Agronomy

“Partnering with Bitwise Agronomy allows us to combine our expertise in autonomy with Bitwise Agronomy’s expertise in crop AI to create a product that allows growers to count table grapes, blueberries, and other specialty crops autonomously in real time. We are committed to continuing to innovate and provide valuable solutions for growers around the world.”

Charlie Andersen, CEO of Burro

Burro with Bitwise on Board

This win is a massive achievement as Bitwise and Burro were up against an impressive field of new ag products, ranging from safety innovation to operational support to resource-saving products.

The contest judges were all farmers, ranchers, and industry professionals so we’re incredibly proud to be recognised by our peers. 

To find out more about how you could use GreenView and Burro together email info@bitwiseag.com.

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