About Bitwise Agronomy

We’re farmers ourselves, so we understand the challenges that growers face every season.

As growers ourselves, we understand the challenges you face every season with crop variability, inconsistent yields and adverse weather events. 

That’s why we teamed up with other farmers, viticulturists and IT professionals to create our GreenView system – and enable better farm management decisions for all of us. 

We exist to bring farming together with modern leading technologies like AI and machine learning. We want to help create the smart farms of the future and enable berry growers and viticulturists to make insightful decisions, reduce operating costs, and grow better quality crops.


New Beginning

  • The idea for Bitwise Ag was dreamt up in 2017
AUG 2019

GreenView AI

  • First AI neural net launched in Aug 2019
FEB 2020

Bitwise Agronomy

  • Established as a limited company
MAR 2020

First paid site

  • GreenView launches onsite
JUN 2022

Global Growth

  • Release of berry product

The story continues

Our vision is to power the farms of the future.

Our mission transform farming with cutting-edge technology.

In the media

GreenView counting strawberries

New AI tools like GreenView help berry growers to beat the competition

AI allows growers to dramatically cut down on learning time. AI is being used in a variety of ways in agricultural technologies to improve crop yields, reduce waste, and increase efficiency.

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Bitwise Agronomy + Burro

Bitwise Agronomy + Burro revealed as World Ag Expo 2023 'Top 10 Product' winner

Products ranged from a safety innovation to autonomous robots to resource-saving products. The contest judges consisted of farmers, ranchers, and industry professionals.

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Bitwise Agronomy Co-founders Aran and Fee

Sprint Ventures announces investment in Bitwise Agronomy alongside Jelix Ventures

Bitwise Agronomy is a Tasmanian-based start-up revolutionizing the way agriculture is managed through the use of precision analytics to help grape and berry growers forecast & manage crop variability.

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Rob Sutherland and Emma Taylor from De Bortoli Wines Yarra Valley

De Bortoli Wines x Bitwise Agronomy: Improving site management using vineyard images

Reading Between the Vines episode seven features De Bortoli Wines Yarra Valley vineyards who have been using GreenView to support site management.

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Rob Sutherland from De Bortoli Wines Yarra Valley

Wine Australia: GreenView supporting management pr variability in Yarra Valley

To help overcome the challenge of variability, Rob and his technical assistant Emma Taylor started trialling the Bitwise Agronomy GreenView system.

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CEO of Bitwise Agronomy, Fiona Turner

Artificial intelligence paves the way for accurate crop yield estimates for berry and grape growers

In a digital and data-heavy world, producers can find it difficult to isolate meaningful information and translate it into profitable decision-making. 

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Winners of Women in AI Awards

Winners of Women in AI Awards demonstrate how a “diverse workforce equals diverse solutions”

There’s a huge pool of talented women working in AI in Australia, making essential contributions and leading on key innovations in this booming industry.

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CEO of Bitwise Agronomy, Fiona Turner

The Examiner: Tasmanian startup hopes to use artificial intelligence to boost revenue

Computer vision in vineyards could help reduce labour costs and increase yield for winemakers, a Tasmanian startup says.

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Meet the Founders

Fiona Turner

Co-founder & CEO

With a background in Deep Tech, Innovation and Product Development, as well as managing her own vineyard, it was Fiona’s destiny to combine her passion for technology and love for wine. ​The result? Bitwise Agronomy.

Aran Elkington, CTO Bitwise Agronomy

Aran Elkington

Co-founder & CTO

Aran has the technical and strategic background to architect, lead and deliver highly successful products. He’s passionate about using AI to advance farming productivity and help growers around the world to dramatically transform their operations.

The Founders story

Fiona had been working in the global tech world for years, specialising in Industry 4.0 projects to deliver the smart cities, smart factories and smart wineries of tomorrow. However she always knew she wanted to get back to her farming roots. 

After years in the tech world, a lifestyle change beckoned, and in 2016 Fee and her partner bought Jinglers Creek vineyard in Tasmania, Australia. 

Swapping ‘tech board rooms’ for ‘cellar doors’ took some adjustment. Life was busy, and the vineyard quickly got out of control.

“I always missed the windows to do certain jobs around the vineyard and it was really stressful – everything took twice as long, and was twice as expensive, it felt like we were ploughing money into the ground rather than being efficient.” – Fiona Turner

Fee hired consultants but then realised she couldn’t give them the information they needed to actually help her. She knew there had to be a better way to understand her crop and bring some data-driven structure to her farming.

And from those early challenges at Jinglers Creek vineyard, Bitwise Agronomy was born.

“I knew it was possible to use some of the technology I’d used in my past tech roles, like sensors, robotics and agtech cameras, to solve some of these real-world problems I was facing on my vineyard.” – Fiona Turner

Fiona also knew this task was bigger than one person 

Aran and Fee had worked together at AECOM in Queensland for 5 years, and when Fee called, Aran immediately saw the potential in the idea. They worked nights and weekends for a year trialling everything from farming sensors to vine rover robots to swarms of drones to scare away birds.

“Really our heart was always set on using AI and neural nets. After lots of testing and trialling we thought we had enough data to make it work. Fee took some initial imagery with a GoPro in her vineyard and away we went. When we put the neural net on LinkedIn it just blew up.” – Aran Elkington

That was in 2018 and the rest, as they say, is history. 

From that first neural net and months of development, Fee and Aran moved to incorporate Bitwise Agronomy in late 2019. In March 2020 they brought on their first paid customer, and by June 2022 the Bitwise Agronomy GreenView system was being used in 72 sites around the world. 

This is just the beginning for Bitwise Ag

Fiona and Aran find inspiration every day in conversations with growers who never thought they’d have access to data like GreenView. They’re motivated to develop new ways to help farmers, improve food security and positively impact global food production.

Bitwise Ag is now a team of 15, based all around the world and with one mission: to transform farming with cutting-edge technology.