Know what you're going to grow

GreenView agritech helps growers manage crop variability and increase forecast accuracy.


Reliable, accurate and consistent data to help manage variability and improve forecasting


GreenView uses cutting-edge AI crop analysis technology that can see like humans – but more accurately, more consistently and at a superhuman speed. 

Growers use simple off-the-shelf GoPro cameras attached to existing farm machinery, and capture video footage when out performing jobs like mulching, mowing or spraying. 

GreenView then takes this footage and crunches the numbers into interactive dashboards and maps to guide crop management decisions. 

How it works

Step 01

Use a GoPro camera to capture side-on, plant-by-plant video of your crop. 

Step 02

Upload to GreenView and view insights on our platform.

Step 03

Start making data-driven decisions to improve yield and profitability.

Step 04

Repeat anytime to gain actionable insights across all seasons. 

GreenView in action:

Why GreenView?

Your smart farm is just a GoPro away…

Predict yield

GreenView gives you a sound estimation of production levels, reducing wastage and increasing profitability.

Manage weather impacts

GreenView can help to quantify the damage from bad weather, reassess production forecasts, and mitigate losses to move forward.

Plan for the whole season

A holistic view of the crop to help predict harvest dates, forecast spray timing or rapidly attend to water stress levels.

Manage Variability

GreenView helps you understand seasonal variability across rows and sites, so you can target the right jobs at the right time in the right areas.

Save time

No need to spend hours walking the rows and estimating (or guessing) yields - GreenView helps you make data-driven decisions without leaving your desk.

Reduce costs

Target tasks or treatments to where they’re really needed - and better understand your crop growth so you can plan the right number of staff for picking and pruning.

Simple to use

No drones, sensors, or complicated software. Just buy a GoPro online, sign up to GreenView and you’re ready to get started.

Increase profits

Understanding the crop today - and being able to predict what’s coming - allows growers to manage the natural variability across sites and increase output.

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